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Rebecca Ehrke, Psy.D., SEP

My name is Rebecca Ehrke and I am so privileged to be the practice owner of LIHC. It has been a dream of mine for many years to create a practice that treats trauma in the whole person. Being in the mental health field for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand that trauma cannot be effectively treated by talk therapy alone. Although talk therapy is very effective and useful for many issues, neuroscience research has shown that it does not reach the subcortical parts of the brain where trauma lives. I have dedicated my life to studying ways to effectively access trauma that has been deeply held in one's body, mind and spirit. As a result, I have had the honor of witnessing so many heal and live the lives they were meant to have. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and EMDR therapist who has been treating trauma for over 20 years. I am dedicated to helping individuals reconnect with their most authentic selves by utilizing an integrative approach to trauma healing. 

In 2007, I began a life-changing journey by completing the 3-year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training Certificate Program and becoming a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Since then, I have become an approved SE session provider and SE consultant at all training levels and also provide supervision to Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselors. In addition, I am in the process of becoming certified in EMDR. Currently, I utilize Somatic Experiencing, EMDR and Internal Family Systems at LIHC to treat the effects of trauma.


Christina Indriolo, LPC, SEP

Welcome! I’m so grateful you’re here. 

I believe deeply in the inherent worth and healing capacity of all human beings. I view the therapeutic relationship as a sacred, expansive, and co-created space that allows us to show up authentically, get curious, engage with vulnerability, and step into our power. I believe that within therapy, we work to expand our capacity to be in relationship with ourselves and the world around us. 

As your trauma-informed therapist, you can expect me to show up authentically as a human first and foremost. I am dedicated to meeting you exactly where you are and supporting you in expanding upon your inherent capacity to cultivate an integrated, connected, and expansive life. 

I utilize a gentle, body-first approach to healing that supports you in building the capacity to step more fully and authentically into your relationships and life. I primarily integrate a mix of Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, drama therapy, and expressive therapy approaches to support you in moving towards your therapeutic goals. I have experience working with trauma, anxiety, depression, attachment injuries, body image, personality disorders, relationship issues, immigration-related concerns, clients within the LGBTQIA+ community, university students, and Spanish-speaking clients. I have experience working within university, residential treatment, and outpatient settings. 

If you have additional questions, I provide free phone consults to allow us time and space to explore if we would be a good fit. 

I look forward to the opportunity and privilege to connect and collaborate with you!

To contact Christina directly, please email her at [email protected]



Bienvenid@s! Estoy agradecida de que estés aquí. 

Estoy convencida en la capacidad y el valor inherente de sanar de cada persona. Veo la relación terapéutica como un espacio sagrado y expansivo donde podemos expresar nuestra autenticidad, curiosidad y vulnerabilidad. Creo en la relación terapéutica como un vehículo para ampliar nuestra capacidad de cambio a través del empoderamiento y mejora de las relaciones con nosotros mismos y el mundo alrededor. 

Soy una terapeuta con experiencia en trauma, pero ante todo soy auténtica y humana en la relación con mis clientes. Busco tener una relación que satisfaga siempre la necesidad de mis clientes y apoyarlos en la expansión de su capacidad inherente de cultivar una vida integrada, conectada y empoderada en sus decisiones.

Mi enfoque terapéutico se centra en las interconexiones entre cuerpo y mente para ayudarte a construir capacidades que te permitan sobrellevar diferentes relaciones, disfrutar tu vida y cumplir con tus objetivos terapéuticos. En este sentido, mi enfoque integra una combinación de diferentes modalidades como experiencias somáticas, sistemas de familia interna, terapia de drama y enfoques de terapia expresiva. Tengo experiencia trabajando con trauma, ansiedad, depresión, trastornos de apego, imagen corporal, trastornos de personalidad, problemas en las relaciones, preocupaciones relacionadas con la inmigración, clientes dentro de la comunidad LGBTQIA+ y estudiantes universitarios. He podido desarrollar esta experiencia laboral en diferentes escenarios, trabajando en una universidad, una clínica residencial y una clínica de pacientes externos.

Si tienes alguna pregunta, ofrezco consultas telefónicas gratuitas para que puedas tomar una decisión informada de trabajar en conjunto. 

¡Espero tener la oportunidad y el privilegio de conectarme y colaborar contigo!

Para contactar a Christina directamente, enviar un correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección:

[email protected]

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